Welcome to the fascinating world of wine, where art and passion come together to create unique tasting experiences. Today, we will take you to discover an extraordinary winery: Ômina Romana. Get ready to immerse yourself in a millenary history, to discover the philosophy behind their products and to savor exceptional wines that will win you over.
Omina Romana Wines
The company began its journey in 2007 thanks to the Börner family, in the picturesque area of ​​Velletri, among the volcanic and green hills of the Castelli Romani overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, a few kilometers south of Rome. Each design decision was inspired by a precise vision: to create a winemaking reality that embodied the values ​​of the highest quality, the result of wisdom and science, passion and rigor. This is how their " Mens et Manus " philosophy was born.
Work and passion are the ingredients that make the wines of Ômina Romana exceptional. The interaction between climate and soil, combined with the knowledge and experience of the people involved in tending the vineyards, is the basis of the production of their wines. Every single vine was planted after a careful assessment of the environmental characteristics and subsequently cared for and cultivated with love and respect for nature, seeking the right balance to obtain a few high quality bunches per plant. After the harvest, the grapes are processed without forcing the processes, allowing the wines the time and rest necessary to ripen. It is an effort that aims to achieve a final result that expresses the high quality standard and the pure passion lavished in the vineyard and in the cellar. It is the enhancement of an ancient terroir, with an unparalleled millenary history.
The roots of Ômina Romana go back to the past, when the ancient Latin peoples and the Etruscans already cultivated vines more than 2,500 years ago in the territory of today's Lazio. For them, wine represented the noblest embodiment of the forces of nature. Despite their vast experience in winemaking, the maturation process remained a divine mystery. Ancient peoples considered events such as a hot summer without storms to be "good omens" (Latin for "omina"), divine signs announcing a quality harvest.
Even today, the company believes that a high quality wine can only be obtained by respecting nature and the rhythm of the seasons. Their brand name, "Ômina", embodies this natural bond, also symbolized by the Greek alphabet, starting with alpha and ending with omega. Just as the vines strip at the end of a year, new shoots in spring bring new life to what remains of the past. Their logo, represented by the phoenix of ancient myths rising from its own ashes, symbolizes the rebirth of the winemaking potential of Lazio, a region rich in history, culture and traditions. In the Colli Albani, ancient Alba Longa, the Latins already cultivated vines, and the area was renowned for the production of fine wines. Even the nobles of ancient Rome bought wines from this region, while Roman soldiers brought vines with them to the colonies, rapidly spreading the culture of Lazio wine in the conquered territories. As a sign of thanksgiving for years of exceptional harvests, votive temples were erected, such as the one dedicated to the goddess of hunting Diana, which is located a few kilometers from the Ômina Romana estate, on the shores of Lake Nemi. Even the popes appreciated the qualities and products offered by the Colli Albani so much that they chose Castel Gandolfo, at the turn of the 17th century, as a summer residence near Lake Albano.
Roman man vineyard
The viticultural vocation of the land of Ômina Romana and their careful approach represent the perfect union to guarantee fine wines. Their vineyards are located at about 200 meters above sea level and 25 kilometers from the sea. During the day, a fresh breeze comes from the Tyrrhenian coast, while at night the wind blows from the Colli Albani, creating ideal conditions for healthy plant growth. The seasons are generally characterized by a cold spring followed by a sunny summer without extreme temperatures and a mild autumn, perfect conditions to reach a complete ripening of the grapes, guaranteeing a soft flavor without harsh notes. The volcanic soil, rich in minerals, gives strength to the vines and generates grapes with an extraordinary aromatic richness. The vines are treated with low yields per hectare, selecting the bunches and possibly the grapes both in the vineyard and in the cellar, to then proceed with the transformation at a controlled temperature. After fermentation, the wines receive a final touch of perfection with aging on the fine lees for at least six months and a wonderful phenolic exchange that takes place in the small French oak barrels with different toasts, where the noblest aromas are impressed. Subsequently, time and patience are allowed for the refinement in the bottle to give maturity and completeness to their wines.
The range of Ômina Romana products has many distinctive characteristics: elegant and soft wines, intense and complex, with delicate but ripe fruity notes, up to wines of character and great finesse. These characteristics differ slightly each year. It is the winery's goal to infuse character according to the peculiarities of each vintage, wanting their wines to be convincing from a young age, while being able to age and mature further. Finally, the winery is committed to guaranteeing a singular and unmistakable style, the "Ômina Romana Style".
But what are the wines that you can find? Their vinification in purity of noble and complex vines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Viognier, Chardonnay and Cesanese, offers the opportunity to fully express the aromatic richness that is hidden in each grape.
Furthermore, Ômina Romana has created a series of cuvées that exalt the art of blending. Each cuvée is accompanied by a mythological figure and a numerical code that characterize the wine:
  • Hermes Diactoros: the lightness and light-heartedness of the Greek god, messenger of the gods and protector of travelers characterize the wines of this line.
  • Diana Nemorensis: in honor of the Roman goddess of hunting and enchanting protector of femininity, these wines represent the elegance and youthful strength of nature.
  • Janus Geminus: with his two faces, the Roman god Janus watches over every beginning and every end. This superior strength symbolizes the wines of this line.
  • Ceres Anesidora: the Roman goddess of agriculture with her strength instilled fertility and abundance in the soil. And these qualities characterize the wines of this line.

Finally, the Ars Magna line represents their pinnacle of excellence. Ars Magna is a method of thought created by the Majorcan philosopher and theologian Ramon Llull in the XIII century, to unite the three great monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The company is inspired by these ties for the Ars Magna line, marked by the symbol created by Ramon Llull which summarizes his thought: the continuous, but never static, combination of great virtues. Each wine in the Ars Magna line is associated with a specific virtue of the Lullian table. From the elegant and noble Cabernet Franc, called Magnitudo, to the gentle and honest Chardonnay associated with Bonitas. Discover the other virtues: Sapientia, Potestas and Virtus...

Ômina Romana is like the firebird, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Their vineyard is reborn from the volcanic soils of the Colli Albani, bringing with it a rebirth of Latin wine in a renewed dimension. The winery invites you to join them in this extraordinary adventure, to explore the taste and elegance of their wines and to discover the passion that drives them. Don't miss the opportunity to taste these wine treasures and appreciate the beauty of a wine that has deep roots in history and territory.
Roman man Viognier ars magna
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