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Denomination: Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Vintage: 2020

Alcohol: 14.5%

Region: Piedmont (Italy)

Format: 0.75 l

Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%

Nebbiolo by Chiara Boschis E. Pira & Figli is a red with an intense character, which conquers its dignity without staying in the shadow of its relative Barolo. It is produced in the Boschis Pira winery, a name that in the municipality of Barolo is well known and recognized for its rigor in the production philosophy and for the historical roots of the two families. The choice of Chiara, at the helm of the company, is to move towards organic, trying to make the most of the land on which the owned vines grow, in the most important crus of the Langhe appellations . This bottle expresses the strength of grapes grown with passion and dedication.

Chiara Boschis E. Pira & Figli produce this wine from Nebbiolo grapes in purity. The dedicated vineyards have vines worked completely by hand, in an organic certification scheme in which chemicals are banned and where numerous nests have been planted for birds, which create biodiversity. The harvest is manual, the fermentation is spontaneous without the addition of yeasts and takes place in steel containers with emerged cap. Refinement lasts 14 months and takes place in second passage oak barrels, followed by at least two months in the bottle. The wine is neither filtered nor clarified, in order not to lose some characteristics that you want to keep in the bottle.

Nebbiolo Boschis Pira wine makes its presentation through its intense ruby ​​red color, with garnet and brilliant veins. Continuing in the olfactory analysis, the hints are revealed fruity with notes of red fruits, fresh cherries and small berries. The more floral part instead brings back memories of violets and roses, typical of Nebbiolo, with a finish of balsamic spices to give even more breadth to the bouquet. Once in the mouth, this red strikes for the balance between its components: it is structured and full-bodied, but on the other hand you can feel the freshness combined with the sapidity, which make it a pleasant and restorative juice. The tannins are felt, but are well integrated. In short, a bottle to try and try again!

Color: Intense and brilliant ruby ​​red

Bouquet: Floral and fruity, of violets, roses, red flowers, fresh cherries, berries and balsamic spices

Taste: Full-bodied, structured, juicy, fresh and savory, with vigorous tannins

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