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Appellation : Toscana IGT

Year : 2007

Alcohol : 13%

Region : Tuscany (Italy)

Format : 0.75 l

Grapes : 100% Sangiovese

Climate The season began with a particularly mild winter with little rain which led to a strong anticipation of budding and all the other vegetative phases. Subsequently, the first summer months presented themselves with fairly high temperatures, while in August the climate cooled down allowing for regular vegetative development of the plants, even if the time for harvest arrived slightly earlier than the average of previous years. In September and October there were warm and sunny days with cool nights, thus creating a temperature range such as to guarantee a high quality of grapes, especially for Sangiovese grapes. From the beginning of the winemaking processes it was in fact understood that the quality of the bunches, and consequently that of the musts, was of a high standard. In addition to very intense aromas and colors, the Sangiovese and Cabernet grape varieties are distinguished by their strong typicality. The excellent climatic conditions allowed the harvesting operations, carried out between mid-September and the first week of October, to take place accurately with a targeted choice of bunches.


The grapes, especially the Sangiovese variety, benefited from a truly favorable year from the point of view of the ripening process. The excellent meteorological conditions made it possible to harvest healthy and particularly ripe grapes, allowing the bunches from the Tignanello vineyard to be separated according to their exposure to the sun and the vigor of the plants. All this made it possible to harvest the bunches to their full potential, arriving in the cellar in perfect condition. As usual, particular attention was paid to the fermentation and extraction stages, carrying out the subsequent delestage and reassembly operations in such a way as to keep the varietal aromas and the intensity of the color of the grapes intact. The fermentation of all the varieties was carried out at an average temperature of 27°, never exceeding 31°, to preserve the olfactory sensations and the typicality of the fruit as much as possible. Right from the start the musts showed great complexity and, above all in the case of Sangiovese, a marked varietal typicality of the aromas together with an elegance and a color such as to presage a high quality vintage. After the racking operation, carried out once the alcoholic fermentation was complete, the wines were placed in oak barriques for the malolactic fermentation to take place by the end of the year. Subsequently the wines were blended, resting for about 12 months in barriques, where they were periodically decanted and tasted barrique by barrique, until the wine was bottled. The introduction on the market took place after a further year of aging in the bottle.

Tasting notes

Tignanello 2007 presents itself as a wine of great impact. The nose reveals a pleasant concentration of notes ranging from ripe red fruit to spicy, with hints of vanilla and toasted notes that make up a bouquet of great persistence and elegance. It is a wine of undoubted personality, with typical characteristics that deeply link it to the territory in which it was born, enhancing and rewarding the maturity of the Sangiovese, which is particularly optimal in this vintage.

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