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Appellation : Toscana IGT

Year : 2008

Alcohol : 13%

Region : Tuscany (Italy)

Format : 0.75 l

Grapes : 100% Sangiovese


The season was characterized by a not very cold autumn and winter and with little rainfall, conditions which favored a slightly earlier budding compared to previous years. The spring and therefore vegetative season saw the onset of difficult weather conditions, with frequent rains until the end of May; this has caused a slowdown in plant growth without compromising their health. The months of June and July, on the other hand, were very hot and only in August there were some rains which helped the plants to proceed regularly with their vegetative-productive process. The months of September and October were very favorable for the harvesting operations, thanks also to the temperature variations between day and night which allowed, especially for the Sangiovese, optimal conditions for the quality of the grapes. The harvesting of the Sangiovese began in the second half of September, while the Cabernet was harvested until the middle of October, bringing excellent quality and fully ripe grapes to the cellar. From the very beginning of the vinification, it was possible to appreciate musts with very interesting gustatory notes and colours, which foreshadowed an excellent vintage.


The favorable meteorological conditions of the harvest period allowed absolutely targeted harvesting operations, linked to the different ripening periods of the varieties and also to the variability of the vineyard parcels; this also allowed careful selection of the grapes to be made at the time of harvest and also during the reception phase, with careful selection of the berries in order to guarantee fermentation of musts of the highest quality. During the fermentation and extraction phases, accurate delestage and pumping over were carried out in compliance with the varietal characteristics and the good color level of the berries. For all the varieties, the fermentations were carried out at average temperatures of 27°, never exceeding 31°, in order to preserve the olfactory sensations and typicality of the fruit as much as possible. Right from the start the musts showed great complexity, and during their transformation into wine elegance, typicality and sweetness of the tannins were added. After racking, after alcoholic fermentation, the wines were placed in oak barriques where they naturally underwent malolactic fermentation within the month of January. Subsequently the lots were assembled, they rested for about 12 months in barriques, they were constantly racked and finally, after careful tasting barrique by barrique, the wine was definitively blended and bottled. This was followed by a further year of aging in the bottle.

Tasting notes

Tignanello 2008 comes from a vintage characterized by an excellent ripeness of the grapes and in this the wine is reflected in an intense ruby ​​red color and with a great olfactory concentration, thanks to the presence of a ripe red fruit which leads back to notes of jam, but also spice, vanilla and licorice. In the mouth the wine is characterized by a dense and elegant texture, also supported by the important acidity of the Sangiovese, the tannins are absolutely sweet and the finish is long and very persistent.

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