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Denomination: Barolo DOCG

Vintage: 2016

Alcohol: 15%

Region: Piedmont (Italy)

Format: 0.75 l

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo

Corino's Barolo DOCG "Arborina" 2016 is a red wine of extraordinary elegance and complexity, which exceptionally represents the distinctive character of the Langhe, in the enchanting wine region of Piedmont, Italy. This wine fully expresses the essence of the Nebbiolo grape variety and the mastery of the Corino winery.

In the glass, the Barolo Arborina 2016 shows a deep, intense ruby ​​hue, garnet reflections and a luminosity that anticipates its liveliness and vitality. On the nose, a complex and fascinating bouquet opens with notes of ripe red fruits, including cherry, raspberry and strawberry, accompanied by delicate floral hints of roses and violets. These scents blend harmoniously with layers of sweet spices, such as vanilla and cocoa, and subtle undertones of tobacco and leather, bringing depth and variety to the olfactory experience.

In the mouth, the wine reveals a sumptuous and well-balanced structure, with finely polished tannins that give it a pleasant texture and considerable aging potential. The freshness and vibrant acidity help maintain harmony on the palate as the fruity flavors expand into a long, enveloping finish. The persistence of taste reveals further layers of spice and minerality, testifying to the depth and complexity of this exceptional Barolo.

Corino's Barolo DOCG "Arborina" 2016 is a wine that embodies the essence of the territory in which it was grown, with a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. It is a winemaking work of art that represents respect for nature, attention to detail and a commitment to producing wines of the highest quality. A Piedmontese excellence to be enjoyed slowly, perhaps accompanied by local cuisine or aged cheeses, for an unforgettable sensory experience.

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