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Denomination : Champagne AOC

Vintage : 2015

Alcohol : 12%

Region : Champagne (France)

Format : 0.75 l

Grapes : Pinot Noir 100%

The 2015 Rosé Champagne Brut Saignée des Tempêtées was created with 100% Pinot Noir from the Les Tempêtées vineyard. This exceptional champagne presents dark, spicy berry notes and is vaguely reminiscent of the scent of a bakery. On the palate, it is round, enveloping and requires attention. At the same time, it is delicate and very multifaceted. No clarification. After five years of bottle aging, the champagne was uncorked in March 2021. A very limited quantity of 888 bottles was produced.

Location / vineyard: Unique lieu-dit "Pierre de Bellevue"

Tasting temperature: 8-10 °C

Culinary pairings: Baked whole fish, fish ragout with saffron sauce, Foie gras

Winemaking: fermentation in wooden barrels, fermentation in bottle

Maturation: on yeast, bâtonnage

Maturation duration: 60 months Volume: 12.0%

Residual sugar: 0 g/l

The Rosé Champagne Brut Saignée des Tempêtées 2015 is an oenological excellence that emerges from the Les Tempêtées vineyard. With its intense notes of dark berries and spices, it evokes a freshly baked bakery atmosphere. On the palate, its roundness and presence capture the attention, while its delicacy and complexity make it a unique multi-sensory experience. Without clarification, this champagne patiently matured for five years in the bottle, revealing its richness and complexity when uncorked in March 2021. With only 888 examples produced, it represents a precious and rare gem to be enjoyed with gastronomic pleasures such as whole fish oven, a fish ragout with saffron sauce or the classic foie gras. Originating from the renowned Champagne wine region in France, this champagne is the result of careful vinification with fermentation in wooden barrels and in the bottle, followed by a period of maturation on the yeast with bâtonnage for 60 months. With its alcohol volume of 12.0% and the absence of residual sugar (0 g/l), it presents itself as a refined option for lovers of good drinking.

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