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Denomination : Ghazir Liban

Vintage : 2017

Alcohol : 12%

Region : Beeka Valley (Lebanon)

Format : 0.75 l

Grapes : Obaideh, Merwah

Description of the Chateau Musar Bianco 2017 wine bottle:

Welcome aboard a sensory journey through Chateau Musar Bianco 2017, a wine masterpiece that embraces the essence of the Beeka Valley, Lebanon. This wine, born from the passion and experience of the Hochar family, embodies the art of blending and respect for tradition.

Origins and Terroir:
Coming from the fertile Beeka Valley, this wine comes to life from Obaideh and Merwah vines, rooted in a gravelly soil with silty subsoil. The expansion over 40 hectares of vineyard, with Gobelet planting and a density of vines per hectare of 1,600, contributes to creating a wine of extraordinary complexity.

Vinification and Aging:
The winemaking process is a harmonious ballet of tradition and innovation. From destemming to soft pressing, from spontaneous to malolactic fermentation, this wine finds its refuge in French oak barriques and stainless steel tanks. The assembly and refinement take place for 2 months in steel vats and for 4 years in the bottle, giving life to a masterpiece that evolves over time.

Sensory Characteristics:
The Chateau Musar Bianco 2017 is a hidden, rich and Mediterranean pearl. The balance between obaideh and merwah creates a long-lived, complete and complex wine. The encounter with oxygen becomes his fortune, giving him an extraordinary maturation potential. The flavor profile and structure are the quintessence of a world-class white wine.

The Chateau Musar Brand:
Chateau Musar, guardian of this excellence, is a company where tradition and innovation come together, embodied by the Hochar Family. With production limited to 28,000 bottles, each opening of Chateau Musar Bianco is an encounter with the very essence of wine.

When to Enjoy:
Chateau Musar Bianco is an experience to be savored with awareness. A limited edition that makes each bottle a treasure to be discovered. Opening a bottle of Chateau Musar means coming into contact with one of the greatest expressions of white wine in the world, a substance that goes beyond labels, but which translates into a real sensorial experience.

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