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Denomination : Gattinara DOCG

Vintage : 2019

Alcohol : 13.5%

Region : Piedmont (Italy)

Format : 0.75 l

Grapes : Nebbiolo 100%

Il Sogno – Wine from overripe grapes

The very name of this wine evokes an essence of hope and fulfillment, a tribute to Giancarlo, whose desire to create an oenological masterpiece materializes in this bottle. "Il Sogno" represents the culmination of years of dedication and passion, an ode to the beauty of wine craftsmanship.

Tasting Notes:

Visual exam:
Visual observation reveals a rich and vivid color, which promises an enveloping sensorial experience from the first glance.

Upon first approach, the olfactory bouquet opens with a generous profusion of fragrances that capture the imagination. Notes of ripe cherry, blackberry jam and plum intertwine with delicate balsamic nuances, creating a harmony of aromas that invites discovery. Underlying, hints of menthol and anise add depth, while a subtle spiciness of cocoa and cinnamon blends elegantly with hints of candied citrus peel and underlined minerality. It is an irresistible invitation to immerse yourself in a garden of complex and seductive scents.

On the palate, "Il Sogno" manifests itself as a work of gustatory art, soft and structured, guided by a vibrant tension and a well-balanced freshness. A pleasant savory note intertwines with enveloping tannin, creating a rich and engaging tasting experience. The perfect balance between the gustatory elements gives a long and memorable finish, leaving an indelible mark on the mind and palate of anyone who has the honor of tasting this extraordinary wine.

This Gattinara DOCG TreVigne 2019 wine from the Travaglini winery is born from history, experience and deep roots in the Gattinara territory, obtained from Nebbiolo grapes coming from owned vineyards located in Gattinara.
The particular microclimate, the different altitudes, the composition of the soil, give rise to the "Tre Vigne".

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