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Appellation : Portocervo Dry Gin

Alcohol : 40%

Region : Sardinia (Italy)

Format : 0.70 l

the main botany is juniper , which is infused as it is harvested without any treatment. We also use the leaves because they bring out the flavor of the berry more. We have thought about adding salt crystals in the juniper berries to balance the sapidity necessary to enhance the flavors of the paired foods. The freshness and breadth of the gin's aromas is given by the juniper of the Gennargentu massif , harvested at over 800 meters, and which gives the gin its name. These are joined by two other types of juniper berries, also from Sardinia.

Thyme gives it balsamic and fresh, while rosemary gives flavor and balances the sweet notes to keep the background slightly bitter . There are no other ingredients, because it is from the richness and quality of the botanicals in their simplicity that the non-invasive explosion of gin flavors derives, the light sapidity, the taste that dampens the alcohol content and the intense aroma.

Gentù Porto Cervo Dry Gin is completely natural , even in color. And it's really handcrafted . The botanicals are really hand-picked , in the right quantities so as not to damage the environment. The distillation takes place in a copper disc boiler with a maximum temperature between 72° and 75°: it is extremely delicate. The three botanicals are infused individually in the distillate at a controlled temperature, then the infusions are combined and a further infusion is carried out for a few days, to then move on to filtration and decantation.

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